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Sep 5, 2019

Happy National Pizza Day 2019!

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day friends!  National Pizza Day falls on February 9th every year, but were you aware there is also a National Cheese Pizza Day?   I couldn't find any information about the origins of this day, or exactly when it started to become more widely known.. but hey, I'm all for it. 

Did you get a slice today?  If not, it's not too late to celebrate!

Sep 3, 2019

Pre 'Hurricane Dorian' Pizza at Manino's Pizzeria

Manino's Pizzeria
43362 US-27, Davenport, FL 33837

Located off of Hwy 27 in a little shopping center, sandwiched between a Western Outfitters and an uber cheesy Disney souvenir store, sits Mannino's Pizzeria. This is one of my favorite New York style pizza joints in the area, and it's authentic through and through. 

99% of the time they always have a big Sicilian pie fresh out of the oven, along with their standard hand tossed New York pies ready to go. Therefore, I usually always get a sicilian slice and a thin slice.

Sicilian slices are everything you'd want in that style of pizza. Thick crust but not doughy, with an exquisite taste to the dough which obviously had a nice slow fermentation time. And I do love me a good Sicilian edge crust! You get a little bit of crispiness and crunch when you're finishing your slice off. The sauce is simple, and the cheese is of good quality.  True comfort food at its finest. 

Their hand tossed slices are nothing to shake a stick at either. It's exactly what you would expect in an authentic New York style slice. A crispy under crust from the deck oven with just the right amount of char, a nice taste to the dough, and again.. great quality toppings.

Finally, the prices are more than fair. My Sicilian slice, pepperoni slice, and can of Coke only set me back six bucks.

As I sat eating my lunch today, I couldn't help but feel Zen while looking around this quaint little Pizzeria. There were several locals sitting in silence with their eyes glued to the television that was giving minute-by-minute updates on Hurricane Dorian. It was like we were all connected, none of us knowing what to expect, all of us having that unnerving feeling of the unknown, and taking some solace in enjoying our pizza.. a food that brings so many people comfort and joy.

The whole Pizzeria is modest and unassuming and they don't try to be anything that they aren't.

From the giant handwritten menu board, the New York sports team decorations on the wall, to the drink cooler that you can walk over to.. and help yourself to a soda, it really does look like a pizza joint that would be located somewhere in New York.

As I sit here writing this blog post about Mannino's, I'm taken back to almost exactly two years ago when hurricane Irma made its way across central Florida. Mannino's was one of the only places in this section of Davenport that still had power the day after Irma hit, when the masses had none.

Believe you me, many of those people found their way to Mannino's for some post-hurricane comfort food. The line was wrapped around the building with people waiting to get pizza, subs, pasta, or pretty much anything that they had available. It's still yet to be seen what's going to happen with hurricane Dorian in the next couple of days, hopefully Mannino's is once again up and running to feed locals. If the area once again loses power, you'd best get over there early, as lots of people will be lining up for their great New York style Fare.

Aug 31, 2019

The Portable Pizza Pouch Lanyard

So I've known about Pizza Pouches for quite some time now, but a workmate, let's just call him "Riley".. didn't or rather couldn't, believe such a thing existed.  Well here's your proof Riley..

Now if you're like Riley, you may ask "What in the world would you possibly ever need that for?"  Well my friends, there are PLENTY of situations where you could use this product.  Here's a short list..

  • While running a Pizza Marathon (Yes.. these do exist)You basically run a 26.2 mile marathon and eat one slice of pizza every five miles. 
  • While running a regular marathon
  • When it's raining
  • When it's snowing
  • During dust storms
  • When you're on the go and need a place to put your 2nd or 3rd slice
  • During a Pizza Trade show or convention
  • When swimming
  • When it's cold out
During sporting events.. Zombie apocalypses.. I could go on an on, but I digress.

Sure, the Pizza Pouch may not be as high tech as this nylon cross-body insulated pizza pouch that Stanley from 'The Office' utilizes, but the Portable Pizza Pouch is still very functional and affordable.  Are you in the market for one?  You can buy them anywhere fine portable pizza products are sold, or here.. at Stupid Idiotic.com

Aug 24, 2019

Pizza Slice Teether for Baby

For the pizza loving parents who are raising future pizza eaters..

'AppeTEETHERS' Pizza Teething Toy by Little toader

That's right folks! Now you don't have to feel so guilty when you're dining on Pizza, and Junior is staring up at you longing for something to eat besides mashed peas and bananas.  Just hand Baby this little rubber slice of heaven and let them chew away their aches and pains, all the while bonding over the widespread tradition of enjoying pizza with one's family.  

I wish these would have been around when my younglings were teething.  I'm old school and let my Son chew on the end crusts from hand tossed New York style pies.  He of course loved it, but my bride about ripped my head off when she found out I was letting her baby gnaw on solid food, during my weekly visits to the corner Pizzeria. Yup.. these teethers could have saved me a few headaches for sure.

Visit Little toader online to buy this and other great teethers that resemble french fries, bacon, popsicles, and Ugh.. even Broccoli.

Aug 21, 2019

$4.99 Lunch Special at 'I Love NY Pizza' in Clermont, FL

Clermont Florida Pizza

 532 Cagan Park Ave, Clermont, FL 34714

two slices of pizza and a drink
I was doing some shopping in the Cagan Crossings shopping center located right off of Hwy 27 in the Four Corners area of Clermont this week, and a sign caught my eye.  I'm always down to save some scrilla, and I'm definitely always ready to try out a new pizza joint, so I stepped in for lunch to give it a try. 

Two Slices for $4.99 and a fountain drink of your choice included (with unlimited refills).   Not a bad deal IF.. the pizza is up to par.

I ordered two cheese slices with no additional toppings. I often do this for two reasons.  First, I've drastically cut down on my consumption of meat, especially that of the processed variety.  Second.. there may be no better way to size up a pizzeria's skills than by ordering a plain cheese slice.  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. There's nothing for them to hide behind with a plain cheese pizza.  Quite simply.. the crust, sauce, and cheese, are the three most important aspects in the crafting any good pie.  So how was it?  Here are my thoughts.

Plain Cheese Pizza

The slices were served on a huge plate, which doesn't do them justice in regards to how big they are. Upon first bite, I could instantly see that the crust was definitely the star of this pizza. You can tell they had a very good fermentation time on the dough, as it was full of flavor, crispy in all the right places, with a nice medium lift to the end crust. 

This pizza Crust

The cheese was of pretty good quality, with a nice buttery flavor that wasn't overly salty. The sauce was pretty good as well. I would have liked to seen a little bit more, but that's just personal preference.  in fact, I'm not sure if it wouldn't have thrown off the whole balance of these slices. In retrospect, I think the thin layer of sauce really worked. It brought together the contrast of the crust, and richness of the cheese. 

Pizza Crust

All in all, this is an incredible value for $4.99! Not to mention the stellar service I received. A lot of places will write you off knowing that you're only going to spend five or six bucks, and try to get you in and out as quick as possible.  However, my waitress Gabby was super attentive, never letting my glass a soda come close to getting empty, constantly checked on me to see if I needed anything at all. The sweetheart also offered me a to-go cup of soda when I was ready to leave.

Final thoughts
I wouldn't call this pizza straight up New York style. The signage outside of the building can be a little misleading, and I walked in expecting a authentic New York style pizza joint. This is not that. But rather, in Italian restaurant that makes is a pretty dang good pie. That being said, they've now got me on the hook, and I will definitely be back to try more of their Fare besides just their Pizza. 

Incredible value, great service, and dang good pizza. What more could you ask for? This place is pretty close to where I live, so I will definitely be visiting more often when I need my pizza fix, and will be laughing all the way to the bank because of the insane value.

Aug 19, 2019

My 1st Cauliflower Pizza experience at Pienezza in Kissimmee, FL

So it's happened. Time has caught up with me.  As I push 50 years of age, check ups at the doctor have revealed I need to get my health in check.  I'm the kind of guy that likes to grab the bull by the horns and correct problems as quickly as possible.  After a consult with my physician last month, I've totally changed my eating habits. Surprisingly, it's not something that I mind at all.  I love all kinds of fruit and vegetables, as I grew up eating incredibly healthy thanks to my Mother.  However, one thing stuck in the back of my mind that worried me.

What the heck was I going to do about my love for pizza in regards to eating healthy? Well, I had been hearing people sing the Praises of cauliflower crust pizza for several years now. With gluten allergies and the diabetes on the rise across the nation, it's an option many people have switched to. For some reason however, I put off trying cauliflower pizza.  Quite honestly, it just seemed kind of sacrilegious to make a pizza without flour. However, my health is very important to me, and I decided to give it a try.

Located at 'The Loop' in Kissimmee Florida
Pienezza Pizza
3236 N John Young Pkwy, Kissimmee, FL 

Pizza Chap rating..
5 out of 5 slices

Pienezza Pizzeria is located at 'The Loop' shopping center in Kissimmee. I've been following them on Instagram for the last year, often commenting on their delicious looking pizzas and other food items they would regularly post.  Now, I've finally made it over to their side of town to try their fare.  I was good and ready to sink my teeth into some pizza, as I hadn't eaten any in over a month.  (Cruel and terrible torture I must say)

Pienezza's 'Hey Brooklyn' Personal Pizza
Pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic and extra cheese.

I ordered up Pienezza's ten inch personal pizza, and was blown away.  The crust looked similar to a rolled thin crust, or even flatbread crust with no rise to it.   It charred quite nicely and consistently, and much to my surprise.. tasted and felt like an honest to goodness pizza crust!

Gluten Free Pizza

Up and above the impressive cauliflower crust, the rest of the pie was equally as impressive.  The vegetables tasted fresh and savory.  The meats were flavorsome, the cheese was of high quality, and the sauce was neither too bold or bland, which served as the perfect blanket of tanginess that helped bring balance to the entire palette.

If the euphoria of the great tasting pie was grand enough.. it suddenly dawned on me that this was the least amount of carbs I had ever consumed in regards to a pizza!  This makes me happy to no end, and I will definitely be finding/making excuses to make it over to Pienezza's side of town more often to try more of their amazing creations.

Pienezza indeed has an incredible gluten free cauliflower crust, but they offer vegan options that I'm curious to investigate as well.  I haven't even mentioned their appetizers, sandwiches, salads and desserts! Take a peak at what they have to offer at Pienezza online

Also.. if you need to stimulate your hunger, visit their Instagram..

Aug 2, 2019

Review - Napoli's Pizzeria in Minneola, Florida

I stumbled upon a pizzeria the other day while I was out running errands called Napoli's Pizzeria located in Minneola Florida. It was pretty busy at the height of lunch time. 

I ordered a small 'Napoli Special' which sported Pepperoni, Sausage, Peppers, Mushrooms, and Onions.  It was a ten inch pizza cut with four slices, and was pretty darn good.  I wouldn't call it authentic Neapolitan style per say, but it's definitely in the family.  It's obviously more of an artisan style pie, hand crafted, with

Hot out of the oven the bottom of the crust was nice and crispy, and the end crust firm and not too bready.

The ingredients were pretty good.  The mushrooms were fresh, as were the peppers and onions.  The peppers were cut a little too thick for my liking, but they tasted great.  Pepperoni and sausage crumbles were of good quality, and the sauce had a mild but spicy pop to it.

All in all a good solid pie.  I will definitely stop back in if ever in the neighborhood, as I'm anxious to try some of their other offerings. In fact.. the person sitting at the table next to me ordered a mouth watering chicken parm sub that I definitely want to try out soon!

Napoli's Pizzeria
556 South, US-27, Minneola, FL 34715