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Mar 13, 2016

10 ways to tell if you're obsessed with pizza

Good or bad, this list is 100% based on my views, philosophy, dreams, and life as I know it, in regards to pizza..

10 ways to tell if you're obsessed with pizza
#1.) You have no less than half a dozen pizza coupons at any given time in your wallet, purse, or vehicle.

 #2.) You eat more pizza than anyone you know.. or have ever known.

 #3.) You buy so much pizza for take-out, you've seriously considered buying an insulated pizza keeper like the delivery guys use.

#4.)  Your car often smells like pizza when you leave for work in the morning (and it's not because you're a pizza delivery person)

#5.)  You have some type of social media account, primarily to showcase beautiful works of cheese covered art you've recently consumed.

#6.) When you need to buy an item, you wonder if there's a pizza themed option available.

#7.)  You've dreamed of owning a pizza themed means of transportation like a bicycle, motorcycle, or car (and may or may not have plans in the works to create one)

#8.)  You often perform internet searches for pizza related music and or movies, and have downloaded both.

#9.)  You've wondered what a pizza flavored beer or soda pop might taste like.

#10.) Your child says that they love pizza more than anything in the world, and you realize that your parenting skills are EPIC!


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