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Mar 5, 2016

Pizza by the slice in Greeley Colorado

I love pizzerias that sell pizza by the slice.  Who doesn't get the craving for a slice.. or two.. or three, in the afternoon, after dinner, or for dessert?  It seems like you're hard pressed to find pizza joints in other parts of the country that don't sell pizza by the slice.   The same can't be said however, for many towns in Northern Colorado where I currently reside.

I decided to do a little research on exactly how many pizzerias in Greeley Colorado sell pizza by the slice, as I find myself putting around the city quite often.  Here is a current list (as of March 5th this year) of the places you can stop in to get a slice in Greeley Colorado (All three of them)

ROMA Restaurant
728 16th Street Greeley

 Pizza by the slice sold only for lunch 11-2 Monday-Friday,
and nightly one hour prior to closing  Cheese $3.00 ($0.25 per topping)
Weekday Lunch Special: 2 Slices and Soda $4.99
Monday - Friday, 11 am - 2 pm (as of 3-02-16)

Right Coast Pizza Jersey Style Pizza
811 8th Street Greeley
 Lunch Special: Two slices and a drink for $6.99
Lunch Special ends at 4:00 p.m.
 Pizza by the slice $2.59
($0.25 per topping $0.50 for premium toppings)


Empire State Pizza
2700 8th Avenue Greeley / Garden City Colorado

The great thing about Empire State, is that they serve slices all day long just like an authentic New York style pizzeria.  Empire State also has the BEST New York style pizza you'll find anywhere near Greeley Colorado.  Plain cheese slices are $2.95 and Specialty slices are $3.50 with selection varying daily.

Monday Special (current as of 3-5-2015)
$1.00 slices on Mondays when you buy a drink
(1 drink for every 2 slices)

I really do love Empire State Pizza, and a full review of their pizza is forthcoming.  Stay tuned!

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