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Mar 25, 2016

Review - Empire State Pizza in Greeley Colorado

Here's a story for you..

Once upon a time, two guys owned a bar in Northern Colorado. The two fellas get tired of the bar life, decide to close said bar, and open a family friendly business in the same location where the thriving bar once stood.  They go to New York, learn how to make authentic New York Style Pizza, return to Colorado, and open a pizza place.

The culmination of their efforts is 'Empire State Pizza' located in Greeley Colorado.  Empire State is currently the only New York Style pizzeria in Greeley, and in my humble opinion.. ranks right at the top of the list for best pizza in Greeley Colorado.

An honest to goodness open air pizzeria is what you'll notice when you first walk through the doors.  It boasts an unassuming and welcoming atmosphere that succinctly, every pizzeria should strive to offer.  You can stretch out here, roam around, enjoy yourself with friends and family, and not have to worry about offending other patrons if your kids (or friends) are boisterous and or full of energy.

I recently went to a supposed "authentic New York style Pizzeria" in Fort Collins Colorado.  They actually seat your party at a table with nice white table cloths, and wait on you in a restaurant setting.  For the record, very seldom do I want to be served pizza in a restaurant type atmosphere.   Empire State Pizza ticks all the boxes if you feel the same way I do, and enjoy a more laid back pizzeria.  

Lots of electronic entertainment to be had.. 

One thing I got used to seeing / using when visiting New York Style pizzerias back east, was garlic powder.  In fact, I don't think I ever visited one on the east coast, that didn't have a shaker of garlic powder readily available for patrons to sprinkle on their slices.  I've visited lots of pizzerias in Colorado that claim to be authentic New York style joints that simply do not offer it as a condiment.

A good pie doesn't need garlic, but it sure does compliment a slice like no other condiment can.  I was incredibly happy to see that Empire State proudly keeps a shaker right on the counter.

Empire State's pizza was everything I hoped it would be.  The pie had a nice crisp edge crust, while the inner crust was soft and pliable, just as any self respecting New York style pizza should be.  During my first visit to any New York style pizza pizzeria, I always order up a slice of cheese and a slice of pepperoni.  It's a good way to evaluate quality without overtaxing your taste buds.

I was glad to see that a nice high butter fat mozzarella cheese was used, and the pepperoni was of good quality.  The sauce was simple, and had the perfect balance of taste.  It didn't get lost among the other toppings or even worse, overpower them.

As for the cost, Empire State has very reasonable prices. I can attest to the fact that there are places in Greeley that sell similar style pizzas for upwards of $30.00 for a loaded pie.  That's ludicrous to me personally.  I mean.. what the heck are they putting on the dang pies.. Filet Mignon?

Empire State's price points are well under what other local pizzerias charge for their menu items.  For instance.. you can get one dollar slices on Mondays if you buy a drink!  An order of 5 Garlic Knots is $3.95, and basket of 10 cheesy bites is $3.95.  That my friends, is what I call bang for your buck! They also have some killer coupons on their takeout menus, so make sure to pick one up when you visit.  They offer an incredible product for a very fair price. 

A perfectly cooked under crust straight from Empire State's deck oven.

Just for the heck of it, I ordered up some of their garlic knots and was pleasantly surprised.  The knots are so filling, they could practically serve as a meal in themselves for some.  It was all I could do to put these down along with my two slices.

So in closing, Empire State is about everything you would want in a New York Style Pizzeria and more.  Whether you want to stretch out and relax with your family or a big group, or simply walk in for a couple of slices and then be on your way, Empire State is welcoming, friendly, and fun.

If you live in the Greeley area, or happen to be rolling through town and dig New York Style Pizza, do yourself a favor and visit Empire State Pizza.  I'm sure you'll become a huge fan just like I have.

Empire State Pizza
2700 8th Avenue  Greeley Colorado 

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