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Jun 3, 2016

National Doughnut Day 2016

I don't have many vices, but Pizza and Donuts rate right at the top of my list. Therefore, I'd be remiss if I didn't at least acknowledge the sacred day known as "National Doughnut Day".  Annually recognized on the first Friday of June, the holiday was created by The Salvation Army in 1938, to honor their members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I.

I highly recommend checking in with your favorite Donut shop today, as many recognize this holiday.  I myself am heading to Dunkin' Donuts this morning to get my free donut with any drink purchase.

And yes I know this is a pizza blog, so here is this..

 C'mon, it was just a matter of time right?

Happy National Doughnut Day my friends!


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