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Aug 18, 2016

I feel like Grilling... Pizza! Screamin' Sicilian's 'Holy Pepperoni' pizza review

Last Sunday I decided to grill up dinner, so as not to heat up the house on a fine 96 degree summer day.  However, the only thing I craved that late afternoon was pizza.

Enter Screamin' Sicilian's Holy Pepperoni pizza. A beautifully made pie that sports spicy, rough cut, thick pepperoni, heaping piles of shredded whole milk mozzarella straight from the fine state of Wisconsin, and a tongue-popping tomato sauce crafted from the finest tomatoes available.  All of it is set atop a stone-baked, artisan crust, that acts as the perfect vessel to deliver all of this goodness straight to your pizza piehole.
As far as frozen pie goes..
my rating is 5 out of 5 slices

First off, all of the Screamin' Sicilian pizzas are a sight to behold cooked or uncooked.  I love the cutaway mouth on the front of the box that lets you peek at what you're actually buying.  It's what coerced me into buying my very first Screamin' Sicilian pie not too long ago!

I have a decent gas grill that holds a consistent temperature pretty well. I got the grill up to 425 degrees, placed the pie over indirect heat, and checked it at 15 minutes.  It ended up taking around 17 minutes to cook it the way I wanted.

As you can see, the artisan crust looked beautiful, and actually attained a nice char that reminded me somewhat of a pie pulled from a brick or wood fired oven.

The pizza looked great and tasted incredible.  I wasn't sure at first about the rough cut pepperoni, but once I sunk my teeth into a slice, I realized I wasn't missing a thing.  The pepperoni was thick, spicy, and you could definitely tell a difference between this uncured pepperoni versus your traditional pepperoni.

All in all it was a great tasting pie, and I'll definitely be grilling up more Screamin' Sicilian pizzas outside very soon.  If you've never cooked a pizza on the grill, I highly recommend it, and Screamin' Sicilian is an incredibly fine pizza to cut your teeth on!

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