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Apr 23, 2018

300,000 views on my Pizzeria photo!

Jiminy Christmas!  Not too long ago, I snapped a picture at my favorite Pizzeria in Clermont Florida called 'G's NY Pizza'.  Today I just saw that this picture has been viewed well over 300,000 times on Google!  Here it is below..

I took this picture the first time I visited G's.  It's as authentic of a New York style Pizzeria as you can get.  A tiny little joint that's unassuming, non pretentious, with a focus on the food that shows through and through.  I truly love this little Pizzeria, and am an ever faithful patron.  Below are a couple more pictures for your viewing pleasure. (Try not to drool).

 Giant, delicious New York slices.

 They also have wonderful appetizers..
like these fried Mushrooms

My favorite Cannoli in Central Florida!

No joke, these cannolis are incredible.  The shells are always fresh and crispy, and are only filled when you order them.  The ONLY way a cannoli should be consumed.  If I walk into a bakery or any other establishment that has them pre-filled and refrigerated, I turn around and walk out.  Life is too short to eat inferior Cannolis.

Do yourself a favor and visit G's NY Pizza if you're ever in the neighborhood.