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Oct 3, 2018

Review - Lazy Moon Pizza in Orlando Florida

Even before I moved over 1800 miles cross country to Orlando a year ago, I heard local Pizza enthusiasts rant and rave about Lazy Moon Pizza on blogs and social media.  I'm happy to say I finally got a chance to visit them last week, and was not disappointed.

 Located in the Mills/50 district, right off of Colonial Drive.  If you blink.. you'll miss it.

 First time I've seena Bocce Ball Court in a Pizzeria.  Well.. in any restaurant for that matter.

 Cool art adorns the walls throughout the establishment.

 Behold.. The 'Boxcar Willie' special..
a Slice of Pizza as bigger than your face, and a pint of PBR

 So far, these are the biggest slices of pizza I've seen in the Orlando area.

They taste great as well! Not a New York style slice per say.. but rather, king sized hand tossed pizzas with a bolder, zestier sauce.

 If domestic beer isn't your thing.. they also have a great craft beer selection.

I reeaaaaaally enjoyed my lunch at Lazy Moon.  The place was chill, and the staff also embodied that attitude.  It's quite a drive from where I live which really bums me out, because if I lived closer, it would definitely be a regular haunt for me.  I guess I'll just have to find more reasons to make the trek out to the Mills/50 District more often.

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