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Oct 5, 2018

Review - Main Street Pizza in Kissimmee Florida

Main Street Pizza
16 Broadway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Pizza Chap rating..
5 out of 5 slices

It was quite a drive from where I live, but I finally decided to buy out some time to visit Main Street Pizza in Kissimmee.  I took my son with me on this 'Pizza Daytrip' to get a second opinion of my findings, and I'm happy to say we liked what we saw/ate.

The pizzeria is a quaint, laid back establishment located in the historic Main Street area of old Kissimmee.  They have a great staff of friendly folks, and their attitude carries through to the food and chill atmosphere.  Right off the bat I could see that they utilize some nice deck ovens. The perfect size for cooking up their 18" and 24" pies.

We went to Main Street Pizza for lunch and learned they have an incredible special, which is two cheese slices and a fountain drink with refills for $4.65.  This is by far the best pizzeria lunch special I've found to date in central Florida.

So while the lunch special was for two cheese slices, as per custom whenever dining in a pizzeria for the first time, I always have a slice of cheese and a slice of  'pep'.  Honestly.. I can tell all I need to know about a pizza joint just by eating one of their cheese slices, but I do love my pepperoni! 

I wasn't disappointed by either slice, and enjoyed them immensely.  It was a  pretty dang good New York Style pizza, made with good quality cheese and pepperoni.  Big and floppy, but with a good consistency to the crust which made them easier to handle than many other huge slices out there.

All in all.. a great lunch.  It saddens me that this pizzeria is so far from home, but I will occasionally get down to Historic Main Street, and when I do.. I will without a doubt be stopping in at Main Street Pizza again. With pizzas on the menu like 'The Frankenstein', The Kitchen Sink' and 'The Colorado'.. This Pizzeria calls to me!

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