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Oct 30, 2018

Review - Giordano's Pizza in Kissimmee

7866 W. Irlo Bronson Hwy. Kissimmee FL

Pizza Chap rating..
4.5 out of 5 slices 

I stopped in at Giordano's the other day for lunch.  If you weren't aware, they have a pretty good lunch special that's been running for awhile now.  From 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. You can get a 6 inch stuffed deep dish pizza with all cheese, pepperoni, or sausage, and a choice of a side for just $8.95.  You might scoff at the thought of a 6 inch pie, but I attest as an official card carrying "Big Guy".. you will not be disappointed with this meal.

A cute little Deep Dish Pizza Pie that will fill your belly!

Be aware that this pizza even at six inches, is going to take a half an hour to bake, so if you're in a hurry, you might want to order something else off of the lunch menu.  Personally however, if I'm taking the time to go to Giordano's, I am always going for their signature Deep Dish Pie!  I opted for a sausage Pizza, and was not disappointed.

Tons of cheese, tons of crust, tons of satisfaction

Here are my findings:

The Crust - Nice and crispy on the outer layer, and not doughy anywhere else.  Nice and bready on the end crust, but I love this!

The Cheese - Their aged Wisconsin Mozzarella tasted incredible and provided great creaminess, with a nice buttery flavor.  The stretchiness of the cheese is something you just won't believe until you see it.

The Sausage - A roundish sausage crumble that one gets accustomed to seeing in pizzerias of all sorts.  I would have liked to see a sausage in this pie with a more artisan feel and taste to it.

The Sauce - A very fresh tasting sauce that helps pull this deep dish together.  Giordano's sauce does not have any preservatives or chemicals and is made fresh daily.  Crafted from fresh tomatoes grown in Mendoncino County California, this quality sauce is definitely a star.  It would be so easy for a pizza chain to 'Phone it in' and use a mass produced sauce from a distributor, so I really respect how Giordano's keeps it real.

Some video of that famous Giordano's 'Cheese Pull'
on my Instagram account..

New York style is usually my go-to pizza of choice, but I do get a hankering for a good Deep Dish pie on occasion.  I really do dig everything about these pies, even the massive end crust that you're left with when you finish your slice.

Some people don't care for end crust to begin with, so I can see how a Chicago style crust may not excite some folks.  If that includes you.. I will share a trick with you that might help you finish off that crust a bit easier.

How to eat your Chicago Deep Dish End Crust
(for those who don't particularly care for end crust)

Step One - Stop eating the pizza when you get a couple inches away from the end crust.

Step Two - Rotate the crust so the tip of where your slice used to be, is facing straight up.

Step Three -Hold and eat the crust the way you would eat a Hot Dog.

When you utilize this technique, you will have sauce, cheese, and toppings to go with every bite of the thick end crust.  The toppings won't fall off thanks to the sheer width and flatness of the end crust.  It doesn't work on any other type of pizza!

All in all I had a wonderful dining experience at Giordano's.  One of these days I will have to visit and order one of their full blown loaded large pies that can feed 4-6 people. If I do.. rest assured you will read about it and see it here!

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