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Jan 10, 2019

Blackjack Pizza.. a Colorado staple since 1983

I'm a big fan of Blackjack Pizza. Open in Colorado since 1983, Blackjack focuses on quality pizza with the motto "Better Pizza, Better Price". Vince Schmuhl, an ex Dominos Pizza employee, saw plenty of room for competition in a market where Dominos was the major player for pizza delivery in Colorado at the time. Blackjack's entrance into the market was a welcomed one, and the chain is a Colorado favorite to this day with 45 stores now in operation in four states. While I have a real appreciation for the delicious quality pizza that Blackjack turns out, my admiration for the company runs a bit deeper than that.

Back in the 90s, I operated my own business, and experienced a slow streak during the span of one year. The business wasn't doing so hot, I had some family medical bills that were piling up, and I decided it was time to generate some additional income in my spare time. I popped in at the Blackjack in Loveland Colorado to see if they needed any pizza delivery drivers. They in fact did, and hired me right on the spot. I started that very evening delivering pizzas from afternoon to midnight.

 As the weeks passed, the manager started having me work around the store a bit more. After a few months, he started teaching me how to make pizzas. He taught me the intricacies of topping proportions, dough making, and taught me how to hand toss pizza dough (a skill I still utilize to this very day). While I originally dreaded taking on a second job, I found myself immensely enjoying the experience of being right in the middle of the busy and sometimes hectic pizzeria. I had loved pizza all of my life, and it was quite satisfying to know that I now had a part in making something that would bring folks the joy, happiness, and contentment that I had experienced so many times in my life.

My business finally picked up once again in the spring, and I found myself somberly parting ways with Blackjack Pizza. I had a standing offer to come back if I ever needed a job again, but that would be the last time I would work in a Pizzeria.  My experience of working for Blackjack was a very positive one. It had such a strong effect on me, that I even considered opening my own pizzeria for awhile some years later.

Blackjack is still going strong, and will most likely always be the Colorado favorite as far as local pizza places go. I believe it's because they focus on the things that matter, like pleasing their customers, and giving back to the community.

Back when I lived in Colorado, Blackjack was always my go-to pizza place for delivery.  Now that I live in Florida, I was incredibly shocked to learn a Blackjack Pizzeria has opened up in Bonita Springs!  It's nowhere close to where I live, but it gives me hope that the chain will catch on out here, and I can once again enjoy the pizza my family and I loved and enjoyed for so many years.

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