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Aug 24, 2019

Pizza Slice Teether for Baby

For the pizza loving parents who are raising future pizza eaters..

'AppeTEETHERS' Pizza Teething Toy by Little toader

That's right folks! Now you don't have to feel so guilty when you're dining on Pizza, and Junior is staring up at you longing for something to eat besides mashed peas and bananas.  Just hand Baby this little rubber slice of heaven and let them chew away their aches and pains, all the while bonding over the widespread tradition of enjoying pizza with one's family.  

I wish these would have been around when my younglings were teething.  I'm old school and let my Son chew on the end crusts from hand tossed New York style pies.  He of course loved it, but my bride about ripped my head off when she found out I was letting her baby gnaw on solid food, during my weekly visits to the corner Pizzeria. Yup.. these teethers could have saved me a few headaches for sure.

Visit Little toader online to buy this and other great teethers that resemble french fries, bacon, popsicles, and Ugh.. even Broccoli.

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