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Aug 31, 2019

The Portable Pizza Pouch Lanyard

So I've known about Pizza Pouches for quite some time now, but a workmate, let's just call him "Riley".. didn't or rather couldn't, believe such a thing existed.  Well here's your proof Riley..

Now if you're like Riley, you may ask "What in the world would you possibly ever need that for?"  Well my friends, there are PLENTY of situations where you could use this product.  Here's a short list..

  • While running a Pizza Marathon (Yes.. these do exist)You basically run a 26.2 mile marathon and eat one slice of pizza every five miles. 
  • While running a regular marathon
  • When it's raining
  • When it's snowing
  • During dust storms
  • When you're on the go and need a place to put your 2nd or 3rd slice
  • During a Pizza Trade show or convention
  • When swimming
  • When it's cold out
During sporting events.. Zombie apocalypses.. I could go on an on, but I digress.

Sure, the Pizza Pouch may not be as high tech as this nylon cross-body insulated pizza pouch that Stanley from 'The Office' utilizes, but the Portable Pizza Pouch is still very functional and affordable.  Are you in the market for one?  You can buy them anywhere fine portable pizza products are sold, or here.. at Stupid Idiotic.com

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