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Sep 3, 2019

Pre 'Hurricane Dorian' Pizza at Manino's Pizzeria

Manino's Pizzeria
43362 US-27, Davenport, FL 33837

Located off of Hwy 27 in a little shopping center, sandwiched between a Western Outfitters and an uber cheesy Disney souvenir store, sits Mannino's Pizzeria. This is one of my favorite New York style pizza joints in the area, and it's authentic through and through. 

99% of the time they always have a big Sicilian pie fresh out of the oven, along with their standard hand tossed New York pies ready to go. Therefore, I usually always get a sicilian slice and a thin slice.

Sicilian slices are everything you'd want in that style of pizza. Thick crust but not doughy, with an exquisite taste to the dough which obviously had a nice slow fermentation time. And I do love me a good Sicilian edge crust! You get a little bit of crispiness and crunch when you're finishing your slice off. The sauce is simple, and the cheese is of good quality.  True comfort food at its finest. 

Their hand tossed slices are nothing to shake a stick at either. It's exactly what you would expect in an authentic New York style slice. A crispy under crust from the deck oven with just the right amount of char, a nice taste to the dough, and again.. great quality toppings.

Finally, the prices are more than fair. My Sicilian slice, pepperoni slice, and can of Coke only set me back six bucks.

As I sat eating my lunch today, I couldn't help but feel Zen while looking around this quaint little Pizzeria. There were several locals sitting in silence with their eyes glued to the television that was giving minute-by-minute updates on Hurricane Dorian. It was like we were all connected, none of us knowing what to expect, all of us having that unnerving feeling of the unknown, and taking some solace in enjoying our pizza.. a food that brings so many people comfort and joy.

The whole Pizzeria is modest and unassuming and they don't try to be anything that they aren't.

From the giant handwritten menu board, the New York sports team decorations on the wall, to the drink cooler that you can walk over to.. and help yourself to a soda, it really does look like a pizza joint that would be located somewhere in New York.

As I sit here writing this blog post about Mannino's, I'm taken back to almost exactly two years ago when hurricane Irma made its way across central Florida. Mannino's was one of the only places in this section of Davenport that still had power the day after Irma hit, when the masses had none.

Believe you me, many of those people found their way to Mannino's for some post-hurricane comfort food. The line was wrapped around the building with people waiting to get pizza, subs, pasta, or pretty much anything that they had available. It's still yet to be seen what's going to happen with hurricane Dorian in the next couple of days, hopefully Mannino's is once again up and running to feed locals. If the area once again loses power, you'd best get over there early, as lots of people will be lining up for their great New York style Fare.

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